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Wishing Michael Warren well on his move to LA

18 May 2009

Michael Warren Michael WarrenI just knew this day was coming. My favorite local musical artist, Michael Warren, has made his decision.  I introduced my teenage daughter to him a couple of years ago and it’s a father-daughter tradition to see him perform here in Birmingham at WorkPlay (our favorite), City Stages, etc.  Much to our dismay, he is moving to Los Angeles.

I’ve followed his Facebook posts where he’s expressed his sentiments about needing to be in a better place to pursue his musical ambitions.  He’s been recording his new album in LA over the past few months and keeping his fans updated. Many posts are poetic in their own right, but this one tipped it all off:

  • … when I look outta of this window I see more than a dirt road I see a hwy that leads to all my dreams. I’m climbing out of this window

Only the best! All of us in Alabama will be watching for great things… and eagerly await the next Michael Warren release!!

In the meantime, check him out for one last local concert.  He will put on an 18+ show this Saturday evening (10pm) at Zydeco.

BTW, you can also hear him in Hollister clothing stores nationwide.  His “Love Has Found a Way” is now being played over their in-store music systems.

Michael Warren Michael Warren

Watch my video of Michael Warren singing at WorkPlay via YouTube (over 5,000 other people have!)
Also, watch Michael sing AMAZING with Ryan Kinder


Res ipsa loquitur, Mayor Langford

27 April 2009

There’s a saying that Birmingham’s former Mayor, Bernard Kincaid, used to say…

Res ipsa loquitur

So, Kyle Whitmire, of the Birmingham Weekly decided to check the facts for themselves.  He reports in the current issue that Birmingham’s current Mayor, Larry Langford, actually lives in Fairfield, Alabama instead of within the City of Birmingham.  He was interviewed this morning on the radio about it… you can listen to the full recording at your leisure and hear his comments made on the Mat Murphy show.

As the translated phrase goes… the facts speak for themselves.  While Kyle’s video reporting does not completely debunk the concept that Larry lives in Birmingham, it sure does cast light on the potential that he doesn’t.  Kyle does propose the ONE AND ONLY way anyone can be sure of where Langford considers home:

When Langford was arrested on public corruption charges last year, he had to give one and only one address to the federal probation office. At his initial appearance, the federal magistrate told Langford in very clear terms that if he were found living at any other address he would be in violation of his release and could go straight to jail. That probation record is not a public document, but let’s assume Langford wrote on it one of two addresses. If he wrote that he lived in Birmingham, then by living in Fairfield, he is violating his probation. If he wrote that he lived in Fairfield, then he is not a Birmingham resident and is not legally mayor.

Gazing - Kyle, Birmingham WeeklyHonestly, I fear that this remains such a non-issue with the citizens and other leaders of Birmingham, that Kyle will be treated the same as the anti-Obama crowd that claim that he’s not a “natural born citizen” Read more…

Picture: “HOPE” decays in downtown Birmingham

6 April 2009

HOPE decays and is a bit more blurry than it used to be

A friend of mine came over for the IndyCars test session and wore a version of this poster on his shirt, but with Reagan and RIGHT.  He said it is not well received in Atlanta but he got lots of positive comments about it while here in Birmingham.  He didn’t head downtown, where I predict he wouldn’t have been as well received.  BUT, when I was heading to the Alabama Theatre to see my daughters perform in a dance competition I came across this poster somewhat defaced on 19th street just north of the McWane Science Center… so it makes me wonder:

Is HOPE decaying??

… as the unintentional blur in the photo seems to indicate, the picture isn’t clear right now.

Birmingham receives 2 Billionth Netflix shipment… no Foolin’

2 April 2009

* * * * *

Of all the mailboxes in all the towns in all the world,

Netflix sent their 2 Billionth shipment into mine.

* * * * *

I’m only guessing that this was what Clay Shannon of Birmingham was thinking yesterday on April Fools Day, of all days.  The story broke this morning that he received the two billionth shipment from Netflix (yes, with a “B”).  When Netflix called to congratulate him it took awhile for him to accept that it was not an April Fool’s joke.  Since he’s the Director of Analytics at the McWane Science Center, he was probably thinking how improbable it was to get such a call.

For his distinction, Clay will receive a lifetime subscription to the service.  The subscription price for 3-DVDs at a time is $200 annually; a pretty nice prize for doing little more than simply requesting “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” on Blu-Ray.

According to Netflix, “Netflix shipped its one billionth DVD (a copy of Babel) to a member in Helotes, Tex. in February 2007. It took eight years for Netflix to reach one billion shipments — less time than it took McDonald’s to sell one billion hamburgers — and just over two years to ship the second billion.”

Is GOD Great? Find out at Samford on 3 March

28 February 2009

Thanks to a Facebook ad (yes, they seem more relevant when you use the thumbs up/down feature) I came across the following event…

Is God Great?
A Debate

Leading atheist and acclaimed journalist, Christopher Hitchens, goes head to head with Christian apologist and Oxford Professor,
John Lennox

3 March 2009
Samford University
Wright Center

I have faith that God will win this debate.  🙂

Full details on the The Samford Socratic Club website.

Got pix of Michael Jordan in Birmingham?

19 February 2009

The Birmingham Barons are seeking your help.  In a press release, issued today, they have asked for any pictures and/or video that fans may have of Michael Jordan’s time in a Baron’s uniform:

Ron Shelton, director of such baseball films as the classic “Bull Durham” and “Cobb,” is coming to Birmingham in late March to shoot a film project focusing on Michael Jordan’s year with the Birmingham Barons.

A master storyteller, Mr. Shelton has requested the help of Barons’ fans to make his project a reality. Any pictures or video footage you have featuring Michael Jordan on or off the baseball field would be greatly appreciated.

All submissions will be returned following their inclusion into the project.   Please contact the Barons at (205) 988-3200 or by email at

Armstrong’s “Ride to Live” Returns

18 February 2009

Lance Armstrong’s “Ride to Live” race returns to Birmingham’s Barber Motorsports Park this April 11th.  Yes, the road race course that is “mecca” for motorcyclists, loved by automobile race drivers as well, and even hosted a fun run on the track will play host again to the peddle-powered cycles.  This is not the “century” we enjoyed two years ago, but a series of circuit races.

See for all of the details and to register to race.

Spectators are FREE.