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If Anthony Bordain came to Birmingham…

19 August 2009

I’ll gladly admit that one of my recent guilty pleasures has been catching up with seasons upon seasons of Anthony Bordain: No Reservations on the travel channel.  Thank goodness for a DVR, because these episodes are often during the day (I’ve seen one on the TV while eating lunch at Pappa’s in Vestavia Hills) or late nights (when I’m up working on my ‘day job’ issues that are better handled overnight).

So, I was thinking the other day while watching his recent episode about San Francisco that wouldn’t it be great if he came to Birmingham to shoot an episode?  What would make a great sequence of places for him to visit??  Here are my ideas/suggestions (in case he’s listening).

  1. The Famous Chef
  2. The Past

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  1. 24 August 2009 4:17 pm

    Gotta love that Bourdain. Huge fan of his work, right here. Credit to the man for finding those things that make food unique and special — oftentimes, the people and the place. Birmingham, with it’s rich cultural and culinary history would seem to be an IDEAL candidate for a No Reservations visit.

    Great list, by the way. As for any additions, I suppose no visit would be complete w/o a stop to some barbecue hut — despite how ubiquitous (or cliche) they may appear. I’d also toss a few more watering holes into that list (Bourdain loves his fermented wonders). Perhaps the Blue Monkey or the Garage would be good additions.

    Hmm, this may be the start of a Birmingham for Bourdain campaign.

  2. 25 August 2009 8:03 pm

    Curtis – Great launching point for a really cool discussion. And I like commenter Deon’s idea for Birmingham for Bourdain. Anything with Stitt, hot dogs and orange rolls gets my vote.

  3. alarob permalink
    12 September 2009 2:05 pm

    The Carver Theater venue needs to be in the show, and the recent move by the Aldridge Repertory company to the Carver would make a good story. The Aldridge has been playing for a long time in one place or another around town, and exemplifies the city’s bent for theater. Their current show, “No Child….,” is a knockout.

    The art museum and School of Fine Arts would be good additions. I came to B’ham from Atlanta and am still amazed at the quality of that museum. Tie the museum café into the culinary scene if you want.

    I wouldn’t be so concerned with burying the city’s civil rights history. It’s responsible for many of the city’s strengths and its unique character, and should not be treated as just a source of shame. My two cents.

  4. alarob permalink
    12 September 2009 2:09 pm

    Correction: “No Child…” at the Carver closed on Aug. 30. Next show (“Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill”) opens Oct. 8.

  5. Patty permalink
    13 September 2009 11:21 am

    Wow Anthony is my all-time favourite cook.

    He is so wild.

    You should consider networking with the moms in the bizymoms Birmingham community.

  6. lawrence permalink
    11 August 2010 10:10 pm

    i dont think so ,im from ny.and a chef london city and be honest there really isnt anything remarkable here.tony would be condisending,bad tony.our stitt is well in the right place for his talents.

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