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Res ipsa loquitur, Mayor Langford

27 April 2009

There’s a saying that Birmingham’s former Mayor, Bernard Kincaid, used to say…

Res ipsa loquitur

So, Kyle Whitmire, of the Birmingham Weekly decided to check the facts for themselves.  He reports in the current issue that Birmingham’s current Mayor, Larry Langford, actually lives in Fairfield, Alabama instead of within the City of Birmingham.  He was interviewed this morning on the radio about it… you can listen to the full recording at your leisure and hear his comments made on the Mat Murphy show.

As the translated phrase goes… the facts speak for themselves.  While Kyle’s video reporting does not completely debunk the concept that Larry lives in Birmingham, it sure does cast light on the potential that he doesn’t.  Kyle does propose the ONE AND ONLY way anyone can be sure of where Langford considers home:

When Langford was arrested on public corruption charges last year, he had to give one and only one address to the federal probation office. At his initial appearance, the federal magistrate told Langford in very clear terms that if he were found living at any other address he would be in violation of his release and could go straight to jail. That probation record is not a public document, but let’s assume Langford wrote on it one of two addresses. If he wrote that he lived in Birmingham, then by living in Fairfield, he is violating his probation. If he wrote that he lived in Fairfield, then he is not a Birmingham resident and is not legally mayor.

Gazing - Kyle, Birmingham WeeklyHonestly, I fear that this remains such a non-issue with the citizens and other leaders of Birmingham, that Kyle will be treated the same as the anti-Obama crowd that claim that he’s not a “natural born citizen” and thus should not be our nation’s President.  While I’m one to believe that both accusations have merit, I’m loathe to spend any of my time fretting about the unimaginable… that a duly elected official could be removed from office due to their lying under oath regarding a matter that would have made them unelectable in the first place.  Yes, I know it’s happened before.  I, for one, am not going to turn blue in the face holding my breath and predict that both will serve their terms in office untouched by the mainstream media and other elected officials who probably have their own skeletons (in the closet or otherwise) to protect.

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