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Birmingham snags one from Atlanta & Salt Lake City

8 February 2009

This is a month old news, but it needs to be shouted from the rooftops…

Roadracing World Publishing reported in January that “Kevin Schwantz Suzuki School is moving from Road Atlanta to Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama.” Schwantz was the 1993 500cc GP World Champion.  So, Barber will now host both an exclusive Porsche driving school (the ONLY one in North America) and a new non-exclusive motorcycle driving school.

According to a press release, Schwantz said:

Barber is recognized as the motorcycling Mecca of the United States. It’s more than a racetrack; it’s a destination. The museum has the largest collection of motorcycles anywhere in the world and the largest motorcycle library. Students will not only become better motorcycle riders, they will learn more about the sport, as well.

“Barber has a lot of different types of corners with decreasing radii and blind approaches,” he added. “Top speed is lower than on the back straightaway at Road Atlanta, and I think that’s going to make Barber an even better learning environment.”

Regarding Atlanta’s loss of the school, Schwantz said:

“I want to thank Road Atlanta and its entire staff for eight great years. It’s been an awesome place to conduct schools, and I have many friends there. My thanks go out to all who have been involved and supported us.”

Further, Miller Motorsports Park in Salt Lake City was due to get a Honda driving school, but the Honda motorcycle operation will be merged into the Kevin Schwant’s Suzuki motorcycle school in Birmingham. This means MORE tourism dollars for our economy, compounding on the incredible economic impact created by the Barber Motorsports Park since its opening in 2003.

Classes start in March 2009 at the Barber track

Listen to the radio show containing the interview with Kevin Schwantz here.

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