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Watch the Space Station fly by from Birmingham

10 December 2008

Thanks to a Biology professor at Samford, I was reminded by email that we have an opportunity to watch the International Space Station fly by in the sky tonight and tomorrow:

Wednesday, Dec. 10 from about 4:43 PM until 4:48 PM you should see the International Space Station rising in the NW sky, going across the north sky toward the NE fairly high up (almost halfway up at its highest) before setting in the ESE. There is also a pretty bright pass on Thursday night starting at 5:52 PM and 5:10 PM rising in the WNW sky, heading the SW sky before setting in the SSE.

Just park your car before you start looking for the bright lights, lest you see the wrong ones.  Better yet… plant yourself up on Vulcan’s pedestal for an unobstructed view!

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  1. 12 December 2008 10:50 am

    too bad we had all the clouds in the sky this past few days 😦

    Check for future times

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