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Birmingham leads Seattle, Albuquerque

9 October 2008

I just got an email from Catalyst that might interest y’all:

Subject: Help Us Raise $1,000 for Trick or Vote just by
signing up at

The people behind Kids Got the Vote - Catalyst, Empower
Alabama and Greater irmingham Ministries - have teamed
up for Trick or Vote, a nationwide costume canvass on
Halloween night. 

We are in a competition with cities across the country
to recruit volunteers. Birmingham is currently in first
place with 108 recruits.  108.  Seattle is in second
place at 91, and Albuquerque is in 3rd with 55.  Looks
like Vulcan just kicked the space needle's ass.

If we can get to 200 volunteers, we will get a $1,000
donation from the national Trick or Vote Organization.
And we need it. 

Please visit and sign up today!

Together, can we do it?  YES WE CAN.

If this is your cup of tea, jump right in and to paraphrase Catalyst, “Help Vulcan kick the Space Needle’s ass.”¬† Even if you discount the cash prize you’ll be helping Catalyst and the other two organizations share, do it (if you can) for pride!!!

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