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Organized Angels in the ‘Ham (finally)

26 July 2008

My lovely Google Reader just popped up with a blog posting that caught my eye. It was titled “Announcing the Birmingham Angel Network“. Having argued for the creation of one for years such as that created a few years ago in Huntsville, I naturally assumed that this was some new group in Birmingham, Michigan… or even further afield in the United Kingdom. But, I clicked through and was (happilly) proven wrong.

It seems that a local lawyer has finally (and officially) formed the network, starting with the following individuals:

Their website,, indicates that they conducted a board meeting on the 10th of July and just this week was “officially welcomed with Membership in the Angel Capital Association.”

Joshua Watkins writes in his blog…

“We look forward to seeing the group grow and become a powerful driving force in the Birmingham and Alabama economy. As has been discussed for several years, Birmingham is in dire need of additional startup capital for our many worthy high growth and high tech businesses and BAN will be a great resource for many of those companies.”

This is a great addition to the Birmingham Venture Club (which has a large number of angels and VC firms, many of which Watkins catalogs on his blog) and the online Birmingham Startup Community that make our region a vibrant place to be an entrepreneur.

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  1. 30 July 2008 8:41 pm

    To apply to the group for funding, go here:

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