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Recruit one of these to Birmingham?

10 July 2008

With gas prices the way the are these days, it would be great to drive a Birmingham-built 3 wheel vehicle to work each day!

No, I’m not talking a trike-bike like the Birmingham PD is using around town, but rather a fully enclosed vehicle that could be used during Alabama’s summers and winters, rain or shine. In fact, some have removable tops for open air feel. None require helmets, even though they are registered/titled and insured as motorcycles.

With the Barber Motorsports Park (the track itself, test facilities, driver training, and motorcycle heritage), Alabama’s success in the automotive assembly business, and America’s need for more fuel efficient vehicles… how about something like these vehicles for the industrial development sites adjacent to the Barber facilities?

Here are some other wannabe’s – not ready for primetime, but perhaps with some of UAB Engineering school’s help, who knows?

OR, convince someone to dig one of these out of mothballs…

Before someone tells me how unsafe these things would be on Birmingham streets and highways, check out a review of three-wheel vehicle handling characteristics. Now, if only I can convince my wife to let me buy one *and* allow one of my children to ride in it with me when I drive them to school in the morning. Hmm.

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