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TechBirmingham lives!

6 May 2008

It took a little extra time, but TechBirmingham installed its new 2008 Board of Directors this afternoon, the SIXTH go-round for the local tech-industry leadership alliance.  Stepping down as past Chairman was David Gray, CEO of DAXKO.  Stepping up to take TechBirmingham where it needs to go is the new Chairman…Jennifer Skjellum, President of Verari Systems Software, Inc. of Birmingham.

Jennifer Skjellum moved her company “MPI Software Technology” here during 2003 from Mississippi.  She merged her companywith a San Diego, CA-based company in 2004 and spends many days each month on the left coast as part of Verari’s management team.  This gives her invaluable and unique insight about Birmingham and how it relates to the outside world.

Celebrated at the board meeting were the recent TechMixers, the recent TechBirmingham Ecycling Day, monthly TechFridays, and the annual Entrepreneur Accelerator Program (held in partnership with the Birmingham Venture Club).  On the drawing board (still) are TechMixer University, now scheduled at the end of the summer, and a new and improved web presence.  No reference was made to the oft-mentioned Tech CEO Round-tables.  There could also be a renewed interest in recruiting companies to the area (assuming MDB doesn’t pressure the board out of this idea).  I don’t know how many board members attended the meeting in person, but judging by the deafening applause echoing into the conference call I’d say it was well attended. Clearly, to paraphrase the famous saying, rumors of the organization’s death are clearly exaggerated.

Past Chairmen of the organization are Jim Rotch (Bradley Arant) 2002-2003, Susan Matlock (Innovation Depot) in 2004, Marc Guthrie (ComFrame) in 2005, James Childs (Bradley Arant) in 2006, and David Gray (DAXKO) in 2007 through part of 2008. 

I’m excited by Jennifer’s enthusiasm for the organization.  Unfortunately, I had to utilize the call-in option because I had a family commitment that put me in transit for the duration of the actual board meeting.  I’ve invited her to supplement my blog notes above (made from memory, not live-blogged while driving TYVM) with the text of her speech.  I predict good things in the future… the near future will find many of us at this week’s TechFriday.  Don’t miss it!!

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