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Startup a Startup FRIDAY NIGHT

28 April 2008

Birmingham Startup returns for a second-go-round this weekend at the Innovation Depot.  Around 6 (maybe more) companies will get a kick-start as they work all weekend to build and refine their Internet-based business idea.  Participants will receive expert instruction/guidance from a team of organizers who will coach them throughout the “Business Development Weekend”. Then, one week later, those same participants will pitch their ideas to a roomfull (hopefully) of developers and other specialists (i.e. project managers, marketeers, sales, and QA staff) to see who will join their team.  They’ll have one “Implementation Weekend” to quickly develop the web-based software/application/website to be judged on Monday night by an audience of their industry peers, lawyers, venture capitalists, etc.

Last November, the group staged a similar event which was documented by Alabama Public Television in a 50-minute show that aired in January. You can watch the episode online to get a flavor of how the event goes.  While we modeled our event after the startupweekend concept, we improved upon it for that first event rather than just copying it.  Now, this event we upped the ante once more.

Want to be involved in a new startup?  Join the online community for all of Birmingham’s entrepreneurial endeavors at today to learn more about how you can have the opportunity of finding your place in our growing entrepreneurial ecosystem!

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