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Things I Miss About Atlanta

18 April 2008

I am about to return from an overnight business trip to Atlanta.  I have no burning desire to move back after 5+ years living in the Birmingham region, but there are a handful of things I personally miss (in no particular order) as I sit in one of their hundred (I dunno) Waffle Houses located at seemingly every freeway exit in town:

  1. Silver Comet Trail – – Not that I ever rode it, but I like the idea of bicycle trails and this one in Georgia will eventually connect with one in Alabama.
  2. Brunswick Stew from JR’s Log House Restaurant in Norcross – – My wife regularly hauls back a gallon or two of it to go in our freezer when we visit that side of town.  We have tried EVERY brunswick stew in the metro Birmingham area and haven’t found one that’s half as good as JR’s.
  3. My friends – – Since the citizens of Atlanta are almost all transplants, it is a much easier place to make friends.  It has taken years to do in Birmingham what regularly happens in months in Atlanta.  While I know a lot of people professionally because of TechBirmingham and have made innumerable friends in the tech community, over the last two years I’ve been lucky to get involved in the Vestavia Indian Princess group with its father/daughter activities and that has brought a good number of new friends.
  4. Swim/Tennis in the neighborhood – – The tradeoff for getting a neighborhood swimming pool and gobs of tennis courts is that you’ve gotta drive 30+ miles to work each day and not be home for dinner because of the killer Atlanta traffic.  But, boy do I miss playing ALTA tennis league (even though I am clearly a recreational player) and drinking beers by the pool with my neighbors.  My only option in Vestavia is to join the Country Club… someday.
  5. The Varsity – – ain’t much better in life than “rings” and an “F.O.” (’nuff said).
  6. Foster’s Oil Cans – – Until Alabama legalizes beer in containers over 16 oz., I’ll have to keep bringing these cans back from Georgia.
  7. ???

I’m sure there are more, but I can’t think of them right now.  I’ve gotta jump back onto the freeway system and fight my way westbound to Birmingham.

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  1. 18 April 2008 8:59 pm

    Good post! I’m liking your blog 🙂

  2. Tom Stanbury permalink
    10 April 2009 2:43 pm

    Nice memories. I was born there and share many of your memories and tastes. A friend of mine helped ALTA into league play in the early 70s while her husband was creating markting magic at Coca-Cola corporate.

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