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Upcoming Tech Events… 4 Saturdays in a Row

10 April 2008

It’s going to be a busy month in the tech world over the course of the next four weeks…

  • This Saturday will feature our area’s second BarCamp event. It’s an unusual “un-conference” that rocked the world of local techies over a year ago.  With such broad topics as Ruby on Rails and juggling!  Show up at 8am this Saturday to help set the agenda at the Innovation Depot… bring a topic to discuss and get engaged.  I’ll be there right after lunch for the second round of presentations after playing the role of dad and official scorer for my daughter’s softball team.  Want to know what I’ll be speaking on?  Show up and find out.  :^)
  • Two Saturdays from now, the community will clean out their basements and storage units full of computer electronics and bring them to the TechBirmingham Ecycling Day.  Yes, we’re back for another event and missing the Earth Day slot and holding the 2007 event in June.  This year’s event will coincide with the Junior League of Birmingham’s “Bargain Carousel” event and is possible because of the league’s volunteers and leadership!  I’m along for the ride as an advisor and board representative from TechBirmingham.  Don’t miss the Saturday, April 26th event at the Century Plaza Mall on the east side of Birmingham off of I-20.
  • Three and Four Saturdays from now will find us in May at arguably the most exciting event of them all (IMHO), building on the other two.  Use BarCamp to find your inner geek, Ecycling Day to clean out your collection of electronic junk, and then show up at the Birmingham Startup’s “Start a Startup Weekend” to find your inner entrepreneur.  This particular startup project is offered in partnership with the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce, bracketing their “Small Business Week”. 
    • Weekend #1 in May is a business development weekend at Innovation Depot, focusing on taking business ideas and building something from only an idea. 
    • Weekend #2 in May is the implementation competition weekend… developers are invited to come on Friday night and hook up with the entrepreneurs, join their team and quickly build a product over the course of one weekend in the tradition of a ‘startup weekend’. Teams will compete to see who will be judged the most complete at an invitation-only reception on Monday, 12 May.
    • We do things a bit differently here in Birmingham, so expect more… a good primer can be acquired by watching the Alabama Public TV’s documentary about our first event last November… and keep up with the Birmingham Startup BLOG.
    • Interested?  Join the others over at and register on the website to participate in this community of like-minded entrepreneurs and the techies who can make the great ideas into great companies!

So, the next 2 Saturdays are jammed packed followed by two full weekends of even more fun.  Mark your calendars and join me and others like you at each of these events!


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