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Interesting Birmingham Trademarks – pt. 4

18 February 2008

And the review of Birmingham’ locally-owned trademarks continues.  Here is an interesting sampling of the next 1,000 trademarks from the website:

  • recycleusa_mark.gifRECYCLE USA (in association with graphic mark to the right) // Promoting anti-pollution, conservation and environmental awareness by personal appearances or photographs of a costumed woman in person or on television or in printed or electronic publications. // Since April 1990 // Registrant: Patricia F. Mitchell
  • earthwereinittogether_mark.gifEARTH, WE’RE IN IT TOGETHER // promoting public awareness of the need for anti-pollution, conservation and environmental awareness. // Since April 1998 // Registrant: Auntie Litter & U.S., Inc.
  • ABSOLUTELY // Automobile dealerships, namely, retail stores and wholesale stores featuring automobiles. // Since December 1993 // Registrant: Adamson Ford, LLC
  • THE SOUTH’S ORIGINAL POTATO CHIP // processed food products, namely, potato chips. // Since May 1999 // Registrant: Golden Flake Snack Foods, Inc.
  • POPBUY.COM // on-line retail directory for a wide range of goods and services of others via computers and personal digital assistants; on-line ordering services for a wide range of goods and services of others via computers and personal digital assistants; interactive consumer services in the nature of providing information on, and links to websites featuring the goods and services of others; promoting the goods and services of others by preparing and placing advertisements via audio and video streaming on web sites accessed through computer networks; dissemination of advertising material via the global computer network through video and audio streaming on web sites. // Since September 1999 // Registrant: PopBuy, Inc.
  • BROTHERS OF GOLF // Golf apparel, namely, shirts and hats. // Since August 1994 // Registrant: Selwyn Bailey DBA Brothers of Golf
  • CHILLATTE // frozen and chilled coffee-based beverages. // Since August 1996 // Registrant: Books-A-Million, Inc.
  • SON-OF-A-GRIT + SIP: SOUTHERN GIRLS DON’T DRINK… THEY SIP… A LOT! // sunvisors, aprons, caps, hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts, bibs made of fabric, dresses, jackets, vests, shorts, boxer shorts. // Since July 1996 // Registrant: GRITS, Inc.
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