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I Dare to Defend My Choice of Candidate

4 February 2008

I’m not political… my liberal friends think I’m conservative, my conservative friends think I’m liberal, and for that reason I usually keep my mouth shut when it comes to politics

… but since when (forget that, I know the answer) did the American public let the mass media choose their candidates for the Presidential election?  This year it’s amplified that much more, but perhaps primarily for us because Alabama has a say in the picking of the candidates for both parties.  In the past, this state voted long after the required number of delegates had been sewn up by someone on each side.  Now, with the shift to Super Tuesday our state’s populace has a voiceor so we thought.

In past elections the candidates were pretty clear cut.  One side was on one side and the other was diabolically positioned on the other.  It was harder for independents like me to make a choice in the primaries.  Usually, I would vote for the most centrist of the group, regardless of the party (one very awesome thing about elections in Alabama is that no matter your stated party affiliation, you can pull a ballot for *either* party in a primary).  It would be a hollow vote, however, because the “base” of each party would usually choose the most polarizing candidate to represent them in November.

While I don’t care for Edwards‘ class-baiting politics, I felt he got a raw deal in the way the media treated him.  He got squeezed by being on the wrong end of both the race and gender metrics that matter so much to the press.  Never mind that he was plenty qualified by virtue of his resume to represent the Dems.  Now we’re left with no clue and clueless.

HuckabeeOn the Right, Ron Paul never has had a chance.  Whether valid or not, his libertarian views are as anti-mainstream as any candidate could represent. That scares the $#!+ out of the media.

And, now we’ve got Mike Huckabee suffering the same wrath of the national media.  For anyone that watched the latest CNN debate, you’d almost have forgotten that Huckabee was on stage with the other two media darlings.  He was the first candidate of either party to make a visit to Birmingham – his overflow crowd was at least 3 times larger than the main space for his campaign stop.  I was simply amazed by the number of young people in the crowd.  Granted, the visit was held on the campus of a private Baptist university… but these were clearly not all students taking time out of their Saturday evening partying to hear a candidate speak.

Speaking of Huckabee, the most important thing I heard in his speech a couple of weeks ago was what he did NOT say.  Not once did he offer to give away something to the voters.  Not once did he threaten to take something away from any group of citizens.  And, not once did he give me the heebie jeebies like I get when listening to other candidates in the race.  While I don’t agree with some of his positions, I’m not scared by them either!  On the other hand, there are positions stated by other candidates in *both* parties that would suppress my opportunity at a point in my life where I need to do what is best for my family.

ilikemikehuckabee.jpgThe media wants you to believe that it’s down to McCain, Clinton, Obama, and Romney… all candidates that care more about the surveys of popular opinion than their own convictions; candidates to whom it is more important to be elected than actually lead the country; and, all four are candidates that make me fear for our country’s future.  For me, I want a President that isn’t directed by the popular mob and one that isn’t a “second hander“.

So… given that there are now FIVE viable candidates ready for your vote tomorrow, where do we go from here?  Don’t listen to the media and ignore the one candidate that would make an awesome President. I hope you’ll join me at the polls tomorrow and keep Mike Huckabee in the race.

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  1. 5 February 2008 10:41 pm

    Looks like the people listened to you 🙂

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