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Interesting Birmingham Trademarks – pt. 3

21 January 2008

And the review of Birmingham’ locally-owned trademarks continues.  Here is an interesting sampling of the next 1,000 trademarks from the website:

  • BIO BEAST // Diesel fuel made from renewable fats and oils // Since: February 2007 // Registrant: Michael Carter
  • MODERN WHOMP // Clothing; namely, tee shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, and caps distributed in connection with musical concerts and musical sound recordings. // First use: February 2007 // Registrant: Taylor Hicks
  • 0chance2fail // Computer education training; Computer education training services; Developing educational manuals for others in the field of insurance; Development and dissemination of educational materials of others in the field of insurance; Education in the field of insurance rendered through correspondence courses; Education services, namely, providing classes, seminars, and workshops in the field of insurance; Educational services, namely, conducting informal programs in the fields of insurance, using on-line activities and interactive exhibits, and printable materials distributed therewith; Educational testing. // First use: September 2006 // Registrant: T.D. Burgess Learning Systems, Inc.
  • TIGHTY WHITEY + STANDING HAUNTS // Halloween costumes made of cotton and nylon blend fabrics. + Halloween decorations namely, stand alone plastic frames shaped or molded into various Halloween theme creatures, beasts or mystical characters, or covered with plastic or fabric to create the image of Halloween beasts, ghouls, creatures, people or other Halloween theme creatures. // First uses: November 2002 // Registrant: Leisure Arts, Inc.
  • Vulcan // Promoting economic development, business, Chamber of Commerce, services in the nature of convention, and tourism in and around the City of Birmingham, Alabama; Retail gift shop services featuring articles relating to the Vulcan Park statue the “Vulcan” and the history of Birmingham, Alabama; Promoting and enhancing the imae of the City of Birmingham by arranging for the licensin of the Vulcan Park statue, its likeness, and the Vulcan name in connection with goods such as wearing apparel, foods, and novelties; Supporting and organizing sporting events, cultural events and recreational activities in and around the City of Birminham, Alabama; Education and entertainment services, namely, conducting seminars, workshops, conferences, ad exhibits in the field of history of Birmingham, Alabama.  // First use: September 1999 // Registrant: Vulcan Park Foundation
  • COSMETASSURE // Insurance offered by an insurance agent or broker, covering hospitalization and related medical services resulting from complications of elective cosmetic surgery, offered to a specialized group of physicians and surgeons who provide cosmetic medical, surgical and/or other healthcare services, such as cosmetic plastic surgery, which are not typically covered by standard health insurance policies. // First use: February 2003 // Registrant: James C. Grotting
  • COVERING THE WORLD ONE ROCK AT A TIME // Publication of on-line magazine. // First use: September 2000 // Registrant: Michael S. Cohn
  • BEAKER BASH // Charitable fundraising services. // First use: October 2001 // Registrant: Discovery 2000, Inc. (dba McWance Science Center)
  • BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES // Entertainment services in the nature of television and radio sports programs featuring college football games, exhibitions and tournaments; entertainment services, namely, organizing, promoting and staging college football games, exhibitions and tournaments; and providing entertainment, information, news and programming, all in the field of sports, by means of a global computer network. // First use: June 1998 // Registrant: Bowl Alliance Properties, LLC
  • FUZZBACK // Carpet backing. // First use: November 2000 // Registrant: Nexcel Synthetics, LLC
  • DRINK ONE FLAVORED BOTTLE CAPS // Accessories for beverage containers, namely, closures, covers and lids for attachment to liquid containers with an element for introducing additives into the beverage. // First use: April 2000 // Registrant: Robert S. Luzenberg

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