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Interesting Birmingham Trademarks – pt. 1

11 January 2008

I was browsing the US Patent and Trademark Office website tonight, researching some things for my new project, and I decided to search which trademarks had been registered by Birminghamians.  Here are a few interesting ones and their descriptions (from scanning through only the first thousand of 6,000+ that matched up to that search criteria)

  • The Two Sexiest Fat Men Alive // Caps; Hats; Shirts; T-shirts // Registrant: Rick & Bubba, Inc.
  • Rotten Banana // Creating, designing, customizing, implementing, maintaining, managing, and hosting web pages and web sites for others // Registrant: SEME Resources
  • National Math Bee // Educational and entertainment services, namely, providing an on-line computer competition in the field of math. // First Use: July 2005 // Registrant: S. David Vaillancourt
  • Woo // Party and special event consultation and planning services; Planning romantic special events in honeymoon suites, personal residence and designated locations for marriage proposals, anniversary celebrations, Valentine’s Day and romantic special events; education services namely offering workshops and personal coaching in the field of dating, romance, courtship, and rekindling romance in marriages; educational services namely providing classes in the field of couples cooking, couples massage therapy, aromatherapy and romance. // First use: October 2005 // Registrant: Francesca Green
  • No Thank You Note Please // Announcement cards; Greeting cards. // First use: August 2006 // Registrant: Hairston Enterprises, LLC
  • GreenCream // Prescription skin-care products, namely creams, lotions and serums. // First use: December 1987 // Registrant: Advanced Skin Technology
  • ZEALTOR // Advertising, marketing and promotion services; Marketing services, namely, providing informational web pages designed to generate sales traffic via hyperlinks to other web sites; Promoting, advertising and marketing of the on-line websites of others; Promotion, advertising and marketing of on-line websites. // First use: August 2007 // Registrant: Todd Murphy
  • ZOMBYMOM // T-shirts, hats, caps, underwear, pajama pants, shorts, pants, flip flops and headbands. // First use: April 2004 // Registrants: Mary Elizabeth Barkley and Allison Reeves Christian
  • DISHRAGS // Satellite dish covers. // First use: August 2005 // Registrant: Dish Rags, Inc.
  • PIXTIVITY // Computer software for organizing and viewing digital images and photographs. // First use: October 2006 // Registrant: Auto F/X Corporation
  • Twisted Tarts + Pucker Powder // Candy making machines, namely, machines for creating tart candy tablets from candy powder. + Powdered Candy for use in candy art. // First use: November 2004 + May 2000 // Registrant: Scott David Green
  • ITSBITS // Computer services, namely, internet website design, programming, software development and consultation. // First use: January 2006 // Registrant: IHS, Incorporated
  • Collectible Llamas // Services provided in connection with furthering the viability of a new breed of llamas, namely, providing a website featuring breeding, stud, and grooming information as well as information concerning the proper care and feeding of specific types of llamas. // First use: July 2004 // Registrant: Mary Kathy Peterson

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