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(Avoiding) Gridlock at the Galleria

21 December 2007

The Hoover police are doing their scout’s best to keep traffic moving around the Hoover Galleria tonight.  I had to run down to Home Depot to pick up some material for a secret-Santa project at the house and, whoa nelly, it seemed like half of Birmingham had the afternoon off and was at the mall!  By the time I returned their rental truck it was only worse.  Some intersections had 4 Hoover police officers controlling traffic.  None that I saw had less than 2 (one in the intersection and one at the corner triggering the lights).  The lots were almost FULL and offramps were jammed.

But, fear not.  There’s a way to SEE how bad it is LIVE and on the web, 24/7.  ALDOT has nearby traffic cameras with streaming video… CLICK HERE for *all* of the publicly available cameras.

Want to see how Highway 31 is doing at the Galleria’s entrance? 

  • CLICK HERE for the northbound camera looking past the McDonalds towards I-459
  • CLICK HERE for the southbound camera looking towards Highway 150
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  1. southtrek permalink
    23 December 2007 10:43 am

    Awesome. Wish I could link to that during my commute home in the afternoon.

  2. 26 December 2007 8:48 am

    Actually, you could. I have viewed several of these video streams on my MotoQ while in my car (while sitting still at a light, though ).

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