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One in a Million… One by One in Birmingham… one://B’HAM

10 December 2007

Today, I launched a new website… was created to showcase the individual people that make the Birmingham region great.  With a bit more than one million people and one person per day (including weekends), I should be at this a long time <smile>.  I started with one of the most ambitous, but sweet people that I know… Cherie Fields.  No particular reason that she was first, but someone had to be.  You’ll learn more about her husband, Ed, later in the month.  Want to know who’s next?  Tune in each day… better yet, add the site to your newsreader!

I’ve already got most of the month of December queued up, but will need to hear from readers of Musings on Birmingham for ideas of other individuals that should be featured.  Self nominations are encouraged… I want to learn more about who YOU are.  Tell us about your boss, a coworker, a great teacher, or a politician you love (!?).  Just be sure to include a well-written, honest, factual biography and a link to your blog or another reference location on the web (if available).  Submit a full bio at  These submissions are moderated so won’t appear for everyone’s enjoyment until I cut/paste them into a blog posting… be patient and keep checking back.  Pretty much I’ll post in the order submitted.

Of course, don’t forget to add the one://B’HAM site to YOUR blogroll.   The more the merrier.  There’s over a million of us out there across this great region we call Birmingham.

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