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Standing Corrected (I XOpe) on Birmingham’s Laptop Computers

4 December 2007

I didn’t know whether it could or couldn’t happen, but apparently it has.  Our local paper is reporting that Birmingham school children will be the first in the nation to receive the XO Laptop Computers.  There are a couple of interesting nuggets in the article:

Even though the computers are so easy to use, Langford said a consulting firm has offered to train students in all Birmingham schools.

Langford said he was asked to be the national spokesman for the program as other U.S. cities begin taking advantage of One Laptop Per Child.

Not sure what to make of either.  Since the Mayor is busy running the City, he should ask me <smile> to be his spokesman.

The most telling statement in the article, however, is the the $3MM for the laptops is part of a $7MM “ask” to the City Council that will bundle a scholarship for all “C or better” students in the school system.  A shrewd move, if you ask me.  Not sure how it will be funded, but a noble desire nonetheless.

Perhaps the long run is shorter than I expected.


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