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Augusta Comparing itself to Birmingham?

1 October 2007

In what has become a fight to the finish, Birmingham, Ala. and Athens, Ga. have been identified as the finalists for a new Solvay plant. Athens is said to have lost the bid (as of 9/22) and Birmingham is reported to have won it (as of 9/28). No official announcement has been made, although the Athens report said it would have been on the 28th and the Birmingham report states that it has been delayed (until?? – no one is talking).

Now, this morning, comes a story out of Augusta, Ga. discussing whether biotech is in its future. It’s an interesting proposition, where everyone is suffering from what I’ve heard termed the “Bio-Lubbock” syndrome*.  More interesting, however, is their mention of Birmingham:

“Community leaders in Birmingham, for example, started their biotech initiatives about 20 years before Augusta began getting serious.”

20 years, eh? But, if August follows the “fast follower” model, then we’ll have to be watching over our shoulders.

* … The thought that every city, even small ones like Lubbock, Tx. want to be known as the next biotech capital of the world. Bio-Lubbock was evidently a shortlived attempt to get Lubbock in the same stead as Austin. 5 years later, there is but one mention still existing in the Googlesphere.

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  1. 13 November 2007 2:31 pm

    Matt –

    I’m writing to see if you’d like a complimentary copy of our title, Historic Photos of Birmingham by James Baggett for possible review consideration on your blog. This 10 x 10 book tell the pictorial narrative of Birmingham through culled-from-the-archives photography and informative text and captions. If you reply to this email or give me a call at the number posted below, I’ll send you one out today (but please provide a physical address – we ship UPS). Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Rachel Patton


  1. Alongmho.Com » Augusta Comparing itself to Birmingham?

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