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Do you Vote? Do you care?

26 September 2007

It’s election season in the good ol’ town of Birmingham.  The Terminal is conducting an poll on whom YOU would vote for.  I’m not a resident of the City of Birmingham, so won’t get a chance to vote for the new (?) Mayor… but I just cast my lot for #$@%@#! at  Just like a real election, I won’t reveal my choice.  It’s between me and the voting machine (or in this case, web application).

Don’t get me started about taxation without representation.  I have paid a large amount of income taxes to the City of Birmingham each of the past 5 years through the wonderful employment tax.  This is because I choose to work downtown.  While I receive great benefit (roads, police, infrastructure, etc.) from the excise, I don’t get to personally cast a vote for the leaders who decide how/when to spend it.

As I’ve said before… my liberal friends thing I’m conservative, my conservative friends thing I’m liberal.  But in the case party affiliation and political bent don’t matter so much.  It’s leadership and a desire to not just maintain the status quo that interest me.  If you are in a position to vote and you care to show up, please please please speak up.  Don’t let someone else speak for you.  Those of us who live in the suburbs are relegated to just watching.

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  1. Rick permalink
    19 November 2007 5:36 pm

    I always vote, because too many people have died or had their lives disrupted for me to NOT vote. I owe them that! I don’t always vote for either major party candidate. One year I voted for the Flat Earth candidate. Until our system is changed to even out the playing field for ALL candidates and not just the 2 major parties, we will continue to get the same poor performance and venal sychophants we currently have. We could start by adding “None of the Above” to every ballot, capping campaign spending, and making funding and lobbyist spending TRANSPARENT, not hidden.

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