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Birmingham’s Indian Summer

8 August 2007

HOT HOT HOTIt’s hot out there in the “real world”. Months ago I visited India on a TechBirmingham visit to the subcontinent and found the weather bearable but plenty warm. It was before the monsoon season and 105F or so with a heat index above that. Two months later back in my home city of Birmingham it feels a lot like India out there… and tomorrow it will only be hotter. The front page of the Birmingham News features a graphic showing that we’ll be in triple digit temperatures today through Saturday… ugh!

My favorite weather site says that the heat doesn’t end this weekend, but we do get a bit ofa respit. This graph was grabbed from the Accuweather page projecting the next 15 days. Note the “Real Feel” index, the way the temperature feels based on a mix of actual temperature, humidity, wind, etc.

It’s actually COOLER (real temperature) in Delhi, India (94F) but the RealFeel temperature will be 114F. Many other cities in India will experience even more mild temperatures as the sun rises in India tomorrow morning. This gives a new meaning to the term “Indian Summer”… <sigh!> <pant!>

Birmingham's 15day Forecast as of 08AUG07


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