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Promising Quotes

6 April 2007

I thought a nice TGIF post today would include some very promising quotes and mentions about Birmingham in the national and local press. I’ve come across these in the usual and unusual places. Good things are happening…

“Aw, a PT Cruiser?” I moaned as I stepped out of the Birmingham Alabama Airport Enterprise car rental booth…

… is how a recent article Being American kinda rocks begins. It was written as an opinion piece in a Portland State student paper. Instead of the self-professed “intelligent Northwestern liberal with little connection to the rest of the country” laying into Birmingham, concentrates his writing on his recent trip through the southeast kindling his new love of Americana. I’d like to buy this guy a drink the next time he comes through Birmingham!

Locally, I really like the following quote about the technology industry’s growth in Birmingham from a recent newspaper feature titled “Birmingham metro rebounds, adds jobs“:

Jody Jones, owner of Savela Solutions in Hoover, said his company, which primarily fills professional and business services positions, expects strong job growth. “In the areas of accounting, finance, information technology and engineering services, we are seeing the demand for qualified applicants far exceeding the supply,” Jones said.

In another article, one of the two expert quotes about Web 2.0 being adopted by businesses was given by a Birmingham-based executive. The following is from the article titled “Web 2.0: CIOs want it their way“:

Ron Maillette, executive vice president and CIO of Education Corporation of America in Birmingham, Ala., said he thinks Web 2.0 has its place in the enterprise, although security of sensitive information remains a concern.

He said a suite from a single vendor will undoubtedly provide tighter integration and perhaps lower maintenance costs. However, a single vendor suite is an anathema to the very concept of what much of Web 2.0 is supposed to represent.

“There is the old saw about back in the days of the ‘Hippies’ as representing independence, freedom, doing your own thing. … But the first thing you did to be a real ‘Hippie” was to wear the ‘Hippie uniform,'” Maillette said. “To a degree, going with a huge mainstream player is almost counter to the spirit of Web 2.0.”

It’s great to see local technologists being quoted in national publications. What makes this even more interesting is that very few of you might even know who Education Corporation of America is! Actually, you probably do… you know them locally as Virginia College. 🙂

And lastly, a somewhat disappointing quote ran this week in RED HERRING

“Operators will not deploy one solution across their entire network,” Mr. Davis [the CEO of Vyyo, and the former CTO of Charter Communications] said. “Los Angeles is a different market from Birmingham, Alabama,” he said. “The technologies are not necessarily competitive.”

I think the context is lost in the quote, so read the article “Cable Supplier Gold Rush“. It took me a couple of readings to realize he was talking about the implementation of various technologies in cable systems and that some made sense for massive amount of subscribers in LA verses a (relatively) modest number of subscribers in Birmingham.

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