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Killer Bees coming to Birmingham?

28 March 2007

Photo by G-S-Hpollen beach


You’d think that the killer bees would be swarming around Birmingham, considering all the pollen that’s in the air… and on our cars, sidewalks, rooftops, nostrils, and just about anywhere air carries it.

No one seems to know really how bad it actually is because Alabama’s lone pollen monitor is 90 some odd miles to our north in Huntsville. An AP story reported last night that:

The Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center is heading an effort to raise $10,000 a year to buy equipment and create a monitoring site at Birmingham-Southern [College]. Pollen monitors give officials more accurate pollen counts and show exactly what kind of allergens are in the air.

Pollen Map according to for 28MAR07The AP story further states that has to interpolate data in Huntsville and Atlanta to come up with our numbers. This map from the Pollen site indicates that the whole southeastern and mid-Atlantic states have it worse than us. I just can’t imagine!

The near future for our area isn’t a whole lot better. The pollen forecast for Friday, for instance, is an 11.1 rating (with 12 being the max tracked according to this map). What we need is a little bit of rain, lest those killer bees make it all the way to Alabama. 😉 Looks like we’ll have to wait until Saturday evening, at the earliest.

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