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We’re #3… (again)!!

2 January 2007

Birmingham ranks #3 nationally as a Hot CityAnother year, another national ranking. It’s the beginning of 2007, so I thought it’d be fun to look at how we ranked in 2006. The ranking that matters most to me is for starting companies and we rank #3 for the second year in a row, according to Entrepreneur Magazine. The state of Alabama ranks #3 among all 50 states as a Hot State for Entrepreneurism, but you’d never know it by reading media reports.  Oddly, not one county in our state appears within the ranking of Counties… but I can only assume that this means that there isn’t a specific local county that has put forth any specific effort to stand out.

I’ve posted here before about Birmingham’s ranking at the bottom or the top of certain national indexes. It seems that Birmingham gets overlooked in a lot of surveys. I suspect that it’s because very few of the individuals that draft the surveys have EVER been here and probably haven’t bothered to pick up a phone and try to reach someone with the answers (BTW, I’m always willing to help you dear survey-taker with finding the right contacts in this town!!).  Let’s all do our part to champion the greatness of living and doing business in this region… the rest of the world needs to hear it LOUD AND CLEAR.

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