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Why are you reading this… you should be @ WorkPlay!

15 December 2006

Why are you home reading this blog posting when you could be here at WorkPlay?!? Of course, it’s still an hour away from showtime as I plug away typing this on my MotoQ.

Michael WarrenThe doors must’ve opened long before 8pm because I got here just before 8 and there were NO tables or booths left directly opposite the stage and 4 available along the sides. The floor is open, presumably for dancing (can we say mosh pit)??

OK, so you’re asking what the fuss is about? First, Michael Warren is opening the show. I’ve been tracking this local artist for 2 years and am a big fan. Oddly enough, so is my 12 yr old daughter. See for details. He alone is the reason I’ve gathered a group of friends for the performance… but it gets better.

Little Memphis Blues OrchestraTonight is LMBO’s CD release party. If you think like I did that you’ve never heard of them… you’d only be half right. They got famous as the backing band for the current American Idol. Yes, they’re none other than the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra who helped Taylor Hicks make it in the local Birmingham music scene and who played with him this past summer when he played City Stages.

This oughta be fun. The crowd is building and there are still a few tickets available. What are you doing still reading this? Jump onto your vespa and scoot on down here! You won’t regret it.

p.s. I posted pictures on my flickr acount for those who couldn’t make it. 🙂

[update: See for my video of Michael Warren singing]

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  1. 20 December 2006 9:19 pm


    Amazing picture of Vulcan. It is nice, every now and then, to have clouds obscure troubles below so that all we see are our aspirations.

    Hey: would you let your faithful following know about two IMAX related things?

    1. The Polar Express “pajama parties” have been so much fun. Sunday night over 500 people came downtown….many in their pajamas…to watch Polar Express in the McWane Science Center IMAX dome. Afterwards they were treated to cookies and hot chocolate and a special viewing of our huge H.O. train exhibit. It was magical. It was full of joy. Grandparents and parents and kids and newlyweds all shared the common ground of hope and cookies and movies and trains in downtown Bham. We have 3 more pj parties: this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (shows are at 5:30 and 7:30, and the party is in between). Also WE ARE OPEN FOR POLAR EXPRESS CHRISTMAS DAY IN THE AFTERNOON. It will be a great thing to do with a sleepy Christmas afternoon.

    2. OK, the second thing is that WE HOPE to be doing the same sort of thing with…..Harry Potter in January and February. If we get the movie, we hope to create some great magic at McWane. So, stay tuned on that. Your friends who know “D.A.’s Army”, who have opinions on whether Dumbledore is really dead, who think Snape isn’t bad, and who would like a cool drink of Butterbeer should stay tuned. Another great costume opportunity for a city that isn’t afraid to have fun.

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