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Remembering Katrina @ Happy Hour, 29 August

27 August 2006

It is hard to believe that it’s been a year since Katrina blew through our town after devastating New Orleans!

Andre Natta is organizing a 5pm Happy Hour @ WorkPlay in the midst of several events that day. Once you read his post about the event, you might jump to the conclusion that he just wants to have a bunch of you over to celebrate his birthday.  However, I know him better than that.  He is PASSIONATE about what he does and *this* effort is focused on reminding us ALL about the plight of what’s going on down in New Orleans 360+ days later.

I’ll be paying for Andre’s beers, so don’t need to feel obligated to buy him a birthday beer. Just come help him celebrate the occassion by making a donation (or two) to the cause. I’m bringing a laptop computer that was recently donated to TechBirmingham as a result of our Ecycling Day effort.  Specific needs are itemized here, but you could help out by contributing a license of Windows XP for the laptop (it’s been wiped utterly clean) and maybe a WiFi PCMCIA card for the unit?!?

Come one, come all!  Stay after the happy hour and maybe schlep around with us at Confederate Motorcycle‘s new website launch party!

p.s. – WorkPlay is a free wireless hotspot, so bring your laptop and blog from there!

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  1. 28 August 2006 12:34 am

    Thanks for the mention. Anyone that is interested may understand a little better about what I’m trying to do by visiting the listing I’ve created for the event. It’s a little more to the point:

    Cut and paste as needed. I hope that we’ll see some of you there!

  2. 19 September 2006 7:27 am

    I believe I have and extra Netgear Wifi PC Card. I’ll bring it to the Mixer.

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