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Positive Press for Birmingham

24 July 2006

In case you missed it, the Washington Post ran a fantastic (and lengthy) article this past Sunday about Birmingham, Alabama.  See the full story over on the Catalyst website.  The writer raised the question whether Taylor Hicks and Reuben Studdard are simply byproducts of something greater than we see in our own backyard… as Hunter Bell states, “I think there’s a ton of talent. . . . A lot of people think the Birmingham music scene is going to explode like Athens [Ga.] or Austin. It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s on the brink.”  What fun it is being right here in the midst of the impending boom.

Good news aside, I still find it dissapointing that the writer found a way to bring up images of a bygone era, even if she left it to the last few paragraphs. She did build in a stirring thought that out of such a tramatic memory could rise a new American Idol.  How cool would that be?  🙂

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