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BBJ Goes Deeper on Birmingham’s Top Ranking

10 July 2006

As I noted here in the previous post, Birmingham ranks next to the top of ALL cities across the United States on a recent salary value index ranking. The Birmingham Business Journal ran a long print article this past Friday (available online here) diving deeper into the announcement. It still amazes me that the Birmingham News never touched this story since it’s the latest GOOD NEWS from an impartial party about how great it is to live in the Birmingham region!

The BBJ provides more details, noting that Birmingham has moved UP from number 11 in 2005 to number 2 in 2006. Local recruiters (people kind, not economic development) will have an easier time closing the deal with out of town candidates per the following portion of the article:

Jody Jones, president of Savela Solutions, says rankings like the Salary Value Index help make his Birmingham-based professional recruiting and staffing firm’s job a little easier on the front end.

“We find ourselves selling a lot of candidates on the area because you’re bringing in people who aren’t aware of the business climate and the cost of living. Studies like this make it easier to point to a national reputation to back up what we’ve known for years,” Jones says.

The ranking also creates another selling point for potential recruits who might be riding the fence, he says, because an experienced recruiter will use that ranking to help offset any perceived jilting on the salary side of negotiations.

“The bottom line is, maybe you didn’t get the salary you were expecting, but, even so, Birmingham is incredibly competitive salary wise with Atlanta or Nashville, and that makes us the real bargain when cost of living comes into the equation,” Jones says.

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