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Birmingham Ranked #2 of 188 Nationwide by Study

28 June 2006


That’s the statement that I remember seeing all over Baltimore during a trip up there a couple of years ago. At the time, I thought that BIRMINGHAM needed to start believing in itself too. As a community it is too used to being told by national studies that it’s in the bottom of the heap in so many things. Well, that’s not so true anymore!!! A new study by puts it in the top 1% of 188 cities studied. just ranked Birmingham #2 NATIONWIDE of 100’s of cities in their “Salary Value Index”… only behind Huntsville, Alabama to our immediate north. What’s really cool is that this study doesn’t segment the city into mid-tier cities – all cities were ranked against each other. At the bottom of the heap were stalworths like New York City, San Francisco, and Honolulu.

Commenting on Birmingham, the report states:

Head south from Huntsville down Interstate 65 and you’ll reach the #2 Salary Value Index city of 2006, Birmingham, Alabama. Birmingham is known for its southern charm, state parks, and golf courses. It is also known for its good wages, low cost of living, and large amount of job opportunities. Birmingham is in the top 10 in cost of living and employment rate, and ranks just below its neighbor Huntsville when it comes to wages.

Where’s Atlanta on the list? Where’s Charlotte? Where’s Nashville? Where are the other “great southern cities”? None of them are in the top 10 like we are. Some locals here say we’re the best kept secret. Well, that might be changing!

Starting to believe?

p.s. — one thing that always causes researchers to be suspect is the methodology behind the rankings. To address these concerns, the editors offer these comments:

In creating the Salary Value Index, correlated the latest city-by-city pay information against a “market basket” of living costs that included property values and staples such as food and energy. Unemployment rates per metro area were also considered. Metro areas of 250,000 or more residents were included. A metro area is defined as a radius around the city that is generally commutable for an employee.

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  1. 30 June 2006 1:07 pm

    Shout out to the BBJ for covering this topic this morning in a web-posting on their website: Magic City ranks No. 2 nationally with respect to salaries vs. cost of living.



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