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Columbus Day Parade

10 October 2005

Downtown Birmingham hosted a small Columbus Day Parade today… leading the way was a high school marching band, followed by a Christopher Columbus look-a-like and the Knights of Columbus floats. A flotilla of motorcycles followed with two Bamma Belles (wearing more makeup than Phyllis Diller on a bad day). Next in line were about six fire engines promoting Fire Prevention Week. Taking up the rear were a small troop of police horses and their riders. Small, sweet, and a good distraction in the lunch hour for the city workers.

Knights of Columbus float Motorcycles on Parade Bamma Belles
Loads of fire trucks in the parade City's horse police and riders taking up the rear
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  1. 10 October 2005 8:52 pm

    Oh, that makes me homesick. Beautiful pictures though!

  2. 11 October 2005 12:19 pm

    So now there’s old ‘Bama Belles? When I was in B’ham, the Bama Belles (at least I think that’s what they were called) were 18 or 19 year old girls in big antebellum dresses.

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