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Large-scale Urban Gaming arrives in Birmingham!!!

26 September 2005

In the midst of the Sidewalk festival this past weekend, 27 people played in Birmingham’s first large-scale urban game. If you asked any of them they’d tell you that it was a great time and they want to play it again soon. Be sure to check out the details on the TechWalk blog about the game. Maybe next time YOU will join a team?

CTS Geek Week Warriors score an intersection with a photo of “Yellow, deny, frail”

Auburn Architecture students win the “MOST OUTRAGIOUS” award for this challenge photo: sanctuary, forgive, horrible

A successful challenge photo taken with the T-Mobile Sidekick: Parisian, dislike, many — UAB GameDev gives their fearless leader the finger

A picture of this scene being staged by the Oompaloompas appeared in the Birmingham News on the Sunday after the event

Each instersection on the game grid had a unique code to prove that the team was at a particular location

3 Teams got together afterwards and staged “Crazy, Pyramid, Flee” at the request of a media photographer from UAB

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