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Birmingham’s Rickwood Field

14 August 2005

I was just thumbing through the September 2005 issue of Men’s Journal and my eye came to rest on a cigar ad from Macanudo (p.65). It wasn’t the cigar that caught my eye, but the ballfield beyond the two men on the bench. The text of the advertisement reads:

  • The timeless rhythms of the game of baseball never change. Neither do the uncompromising steps that make every Mascanudo the last word in smooth, mellow taste. And that’s how Macanudo inspires the passion that makes it America’s best-selling premium cigar.

I was struck that a cigar imported from the Dominican Republic was using an image of America’s oldest ballpark, Rickwood Field, to give that old-timey feel to their product. I’ll have to check with my friend Tom Cosby to see if the Friends of Rickwood at least generated revenue from the use of the image.

Odd that they “moved” the flag for the photo, but I think they wanted to make it appear in the center. You can clearly see the scoreboard matches Rickwood in this picture found on flickr. Notice the flagpole isn’t there – in this picture you’ll see it’s in center field. They ad agency has also taken out a light standard that should appear on the right hand side of the photograph – see this panoramic photograph to compare!

Wonder how many other photographs from Birmingham appear in advertisements without attribution to our great City?!?

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    15 August 2005 9:15 am

    Curtis, very nicely done! I like your blog…Yes, the Friends of Rickwood got $5k + several boxes of cigars (!) for the use of this venue for this photo shoot. FYI, its been run in several men oriented magazines for about a year now (Cigar Aficionado a bunch, etc.) Of course, we wish they’d referenced Bham, but weren’t in a position to dictate terms. Tom

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