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What I do…

2 June 2005

I've been asked what I do. You can see what I've done in the "about me" page. Basically, my elevator pitch is as follows:

    I'm the one that the board and CEO comes to when they have a project that must be done but no one knows how to get it done.

That said, if you need someone to do the following, I'm the one to contact:

  • Coaching the CEO and his/her staff
  • Performing pre-merger due diligence for either company or the investors
  • Setting a strategy and plan for launching a new product (line)
  • Writing a business plan that correctly captures what your company is all about
  • Developing a "look and feel" for the company. This includes logo evalution and adaptation in PowerPoint and on your website
  • Developing strategic partnerships for your company
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation and coaching the person(s) who must give the presentation
  • Evaluating your company's market defensibility
  • Providing quality assurance review of a new product
  • Developing a marketing plan for a new product
  • Evaluating and designing the Information Architecture of a web-based product
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